Read about my adventures and those of my friends.

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Meet Cefa the Cat

In this introductory book you will meet a cute little cat called Cefa. Cefa lives at the Animal Shelter. Learn about his life there and how he ends up being adopted. This books leads to the series of books called “The Adventures of Cefa the Cat.” 

Cefa's New Home

In this adventure, Cefa's New Home.  I am adopted from the animal shelter and taken to my new home.  I explore inside and outside and have lots of fun doing it.  But why does Drugu put me on a leash.  You learn the answer in this adventure 

Cefa's Big Adventure

In this next adventure, Cefa’s Big Adventure, I find myself in a very sticky situation.  I love exploring my new backyard and playing with all the bugs and butterflies. Find out what happens when I discover the BIG tree in the backyard.

Cefa's Meets His First Friend

In my next adventure, Cefa Meets His First Friend,   I discover Bart.  Bart and I meet while I am in the front yard with Drugu.  Find out what funny thing happens when we first meet and what Bart tells me about himself.

Norman Joins the Group

In this book, Norman Joins the Group, Cefa and Bart are playing in the back yard.  Suddenly Bart sees something moving in one of the bushes.  He is curious and wants to explore.  Who does Bart find there?  Who is Norman?  Is he mean or will he become a friend too?

How are Oswald and Phoebe

Who are Oswald and Phoebe, is the name of my next adventure. Bart, Norman and I finally find out what Drugu is building in the back yard.  It is a big hole.  He fills it with water.  Drugu brings two new friends home with him.  Can you guess who Oswald and Pheobe are and where they live?  Do you think Cefa, Bart and Norman will enjoy their new friends?

Meet Cefa's other friends and read their stories.

Andy's Day on the Farm

Andy lives in the city but spends a day visiting Uncle John’s farm in the country.  He meets all of the animals on the farm.  Each animal has a special job to do. They tell Andy how they help Uncle John. Find out what each animal does to make Uncle John’s job on the farm easier.  Can you guess?

Hector Goes to School

Hector is a cute and energetic puppy.  He loves to run and play.  Hector loves people too – maybe a little to much so that Hector’s master decides he needs to learn some manners.  Find out what Hector learns in school and how it helps him.

When I Grow Up

This is a story about a little girl who is trying to decide what she wants to be when she grows up. She has 10 choices but still can’t decide. Should she be a nurse or maybe a teacher or even an astronaut. Maybe you can help her.

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