Meet the gang.  Some of the characters are found in Cefa’s adventures and others have adventures of their own.  
I hope you like all of our characters.


My Name is Cefa and I am a Russian Blue Cat.  I guess you can call me the leader of the gang.  You can read about my adventures in the series of children’s picture books called “The Adventures of Cefa the Cat.”  Meet some of the other characters in my adventures and some of my other friends on this page.  I hope you will read about and my friends and tell all of your friends too.


Drugu is the name of the person in the story that adopted me.  He took me home from the animal shelter.  Some might call him my master but I call him my friend.  He is very good to me.  He takes care of me and takes me everywhere he goes. I love Drugu.  


Bartholomew S Peebody, but every body calls him Bart, is my very first friend and playmate.  He is a lizard and lives in my garage. I met him when I was working in the front yard with Drugu.  Bart and I are going to be friends for a long time.


Meet my friend Norman.  Bart and I find Norman hiding in the back yard in my third adventure.  Norman is very shy and is not sure about being friends with a cat but we convince him that we can be great friends if we want to.  We can do whatever we want.  Norman is part of our gang.

Oswald and Phoebe

Oswald and Phoebe are two new friends that Drugu brought home with him in Book #4.  Since the book is titled Who are Oswald nd Phoebe I think I will wait a while to tell you more about them.  I want to see if you can guess.


This is my friend Hector.  He lives on our street too.  You can learn about Hector and how he learns to behave in his story called “Hector Goes to School”.  Hector is not exactly part of our gang but he does come over to play now and then.


Meet Andy.  He lives down the street and we play together.  You can read about Andy and his visit to Uncle John’s farm in a book called “Andy’s Day on the Farm”.  You can meet all of the animals and play games at the end of the story. 


This is Miss E.  She is a cute little girl who lives on the other side of the world.  In fact she is Drugu’s granddaughter.  She can’t decide what she wants to be when she grows up.  Can you help her decide?  In the first part of the book you see her choices.  The second part of the book is a paperdoll of Miss E and different outfits to help her decide.

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