Captain Pegleg and the Greatest Treasure

Hello maties,

We can do some exciting things when we sit down to read a new picture book.  We can visit far away lands, take a road trip but  today we are going to sail the 7 seas on a real pirate adventure.  So batten down the hatches.  We are on our way.

Today’s picture book is called Captain Pegleg and the Greatest Treasure.  Captain Pegleg is a pirate.  He and his crew sail all over the world.  They sail to the east and to the west.  They sail to the north and to the south.

Sometimes they meet other pirates and have to battle with them.  Sometimes they meet sea monsters and have to battle with them.  Captain Pegleg and his crew are used to doing battle but the thing that they want most is a treasure.

Captain Pegleg doesn’t want any old treasure.  He wants the greatest treasure in the whole world.  After all he is the greatest pirate in the whole world so he should have the greatest treasure.

Captain Pegleg and his crew sail around the world looking for this special treasure.  The sail around the 5 continents but no treasure is big enough for Captain Pegleg.  No treasure is great enough for him.

Then one day after a terrible rain storm the skies open and he sees it!  He sees his greatest treasure.  It is big enough for him and it is great enough for him.  All he needs to do is capture it.

He orders his crew to sail the ship closer to the treasure so he can catch the treasure.  But no matter what they do they can’t seem to capture the treasure.  They are very frustrated.

Will Captain Pegleg and his crew capture this greatest treasure?  Well, you will have to read this exciting picture book called Captain Pegleg and the Greatest Treasure to find out.  I don’t want to give away the surprise but I am sure you will find it quite amusing.

Captain Pegleg and the Greatest Treasure is a very appealing and charming tail that I think you will enjoy reading for yourself.  I love some of the quirky expressions that he and his pirates use.  They are quite original.

I love the illustrations in this cute picture book also.  You fall in love with Captain Pegleg.  Even though he thinks he is a ornery pirate he is quite loveable with his eye patch and mustache.  I love his pirate parrot with eye patch and all.  The illustrations make the words seem to jump off the page.

This is a great story for the little ones.  It is an easy read the ending is quite a surprise.  I think it is colorful, entertaining and quite humorous.  It is worth adding to your reading library.

I hope you liked this exciting and fun picture book called Captain Pegleg and the Greatest Treasure.

Ahoy and meow,  Cefa the Cat

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